Rhytmn Employee App
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About Us

We think that our work and our customers speak louder than slick websites and clever marketing 
- but here's a little about what drives us and our goals.

Lassio.io was founded by a small group of professionals who thought there had to be a better way to digitally transform organisations. It all starts with making better use of the people that work in the organisation by automating the repetitive and tedious work. This will free them up to focus on solving problems, caring for customers and innovating. But automation by itself wont make the step change thats needed. It needs to integrate work with existing data and be effective in how it creates new data.

But many organisations also have distributed workforces, and Covid has shown us a new way of working. So we created RHYTHM our employee app that helps organisations interact with their people and creates new ways for helping them collect and interact with data in the field.. where it's closest to customers.

At the heart of it we understand the profound changes that the future of work will bring to the way all organisations work, and we created service models and products to meet these needs.

Proudly Australian

Everything is designed, built, run and operated in Australia  All compute, storage, infrastucture and data resides localy. We are proud to be in regional NSW and also have a metro presence, as we strive to create  Intellectual Propertry (IP) and capabilities that remain in Australia. This makes us very local and it makes us resilient.

We are customer led. Everything we do starts and ends with the best interests of customers best interest in mind.

Goals, Focus and Growth

SIMPLIFICATION: We always make it easy and simplify technology as much as we possibly can.

SCALE :Anything we create, and everything we do must be scalable.

  • This will delight our customers
  • It takes costs out of solutions by making them repeatable

  • It allows us to be more secure

  • Value is generated and released more quickly

  • Solutions are robust

GROWTH: We help our customers grow their own capability. At a time, at the speed and in the way that they choose.

INTEGRITY: We act with integrity and we always follow through on our promises.


VALUES: We are truthful, honest and fair in all our dealings - customers, partners, suppliers, employees and competitors.

WINNING: We don’t “win” business, we earn our customers trust.

Our technology journey

  • 2018 - Automation solutions

  • 2019 - Integration solutions

  • 2020 - Continuous Compliance, Digital Forms

  • 2021 - Rhythm Employee App, API Monetisation

We feel like we've only just started and want to make sure that as we grow we remain true to our original vision. Give us a call today and see what we can do for you.