About us

#1 Proudly Australian

Everything is designed, built, run and operated in Australia  All compute, storage, infrastucture and data resides in NSW. We are proud to be in regional NSW and also have a metro presence, as we strive to create  Intellectual Propertry (IP) and capabilities that remain in Australia. This makes us very local and it makes us resilient.

We think that our work and our customers speak louder than slick websites and clever marketing - but here's a little about what drives us and our goals.

Lassio.io was founded by a small group of professionals who thought there had to be a better way to digitally transform organisations. At the heart of it we understand the profound changes that the future of work will bring to the way the backoffice operates and how the front office of organisations will change. 


#2 For the backoffice

Our goal is to free up people to do the work that they really enjoy. We harness state of the art technology and ai with new commercial constructs that allow organisations to focus on outcomes and not managing the technology.


We challenge ourselves to remove tedious, error prone  and repetitive tasks from work across multiple systems and data silos. Through this process we create efficiencies so that humans can focus on the things that are uniquely human - like caring for people, or solving customer problems and improving processes.


We approached the problem with no technical debt, no legacy baggage and no preconceptions. We used our extensive experience to develop practical managed service products that make it easy and repeatable to apply automation for any organisation - improving staff satisfaction and cost to serve.


#3 For the frontoffice

If we free people up from their tedious backoffice work then a workforce thats engaged and healthy (mentally and physically) will always outpeform one thats not. In the new world of hybrid work some people may never make it into the office. How do organisations engage and allow them of feel part of the mission. Making it easy to communicate with the workforce and allowing them to operate in a compliant and safe way is at the heart of Rhythm - our organisational intellegence product.​

Our Journey

Back Office platforms & Services

  • 2018 - Automation Managed Services

  • 2019 - Workbench.ai

  • 2020 - Continual Compliance Services

Front Office Platforms

  • 2021 - Creation of Rhythm Light, Rythm Care, Deep Rhythm

We feel like we've only just started and want to make sure that as we grow we remain true to our original vision. Give us a call today and see what we can do for you