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Automation for Government

Citizen expectations have changed... forever

Delivering services to citizens is at the heart of what most Government agencies do. While citizens still expect quality services; the way that they interact has shifted and has become critical in shaping trust and perceptions of the public sector.

They expect transparent, accessible, and responsive services from the public sector - and expectations are rising. Global and local trends indicate that these shifting expectations are causing  many citizens to feel frustrated by cumbersome or confusing websites and many find it’s still necessary to speak with multiple parties before their question is answered - or request completed.These are tough expectations to meet in the face of increasing costs for the delivery of services via multiple channels. 


Part of the problem is that too many processes are manual, or only part automated. They are spread across many discreet systems that may not be integrated. This creates fragmented data silos and piecemeal processes for citizen journeys. 

Lassio wants to change this by automating tasks, and in so doing free pubic servants up to do higher value processes. 

Rather than coding these processes in a bespoke and expensive way, technologies have emerged that can dramatically improve and automate existing processes. And do so with minimal disruption. They also operate in non-invasive and low-code/no-code ways. Lassio is a proud parter of Automation Anywhere and we use their technology along with our services to deliver Digital Workers as a service (DWaaS) and Digital Tasks as a Service (DTaaS). These services use RPA technology to help you safely and pragmatically navigate new opportunities of efficiency and effectiveness.