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Automation for Regulated Industries

Challenge of meeting compliance and red-tape

Regulation is essential for the proper functioning of society and the economy. Regulation includes any laws or other government-endorsed ‘rules’ where there is an expectation of compliance. In Australia, regulation is made at the federal, state and local council levels. 

While there is no doubt that Government is committed to improving the quality of regulation, including minimising the burden of regulation on businesses, community organisations and individuals there are still a multitude of regulations that require compliance; however many industries are especially impacted.

The responsibility and penalties for meeting these requirements has been increasing, especially in light of recent inquiries and commissions. 

Lassio can help you meet these expectations in cost effective, auditable and non intrusive ways. Not only will you have better compliance but you will also reduce costs, improve operating performance and increase employee satisfaction. When the time is right you can even switch on AI to lift it up another notch and take on the challenge of unstructured data.

part automated. They are spread across many discreet systems that may not be integrated. This creates fragmented data silos and piecemeal processes for citizen journeys. 

Lassio wants to change this by automating tasks, and in so doing free pubic servants up to do higher value processes. 

Rather than coding these processes in a bespoke and expensive way, technologies have emerged that can dramatically improve and automate existing processes. And do so with minimal disruption. They also operate in non-invasive and low-code/no-code ways. Lassio is a proud parter of Automation Anywhere and we use their technology along with our services to deliver Digital Workers as a service (DWaaS) and Digital Tasks as a Service (DTaaS). These services use RPA technology to help you safely and pragmatically navigate new opportunities of efficiency and effectiveness.