Fixed cost per form, unlimited use

Monthly, per form, fixed price cancel anytime, minimum 3 months







Our fixed price forms gives you a fixed price per form each month, so you always know what its going to cost. Forms can have Basic, Advanced or Complex functionality. NO DESIGN and build costs only a monthly RUN cost.


  • Easy 

  • Unlimited usage 

  • No upfront costs; just pay per form for Basic, Advanced or Complex capabilities

  • Changes/Alternations - If upgrade your form or change a logo changes are free

  • If there are any other functionality changes to existing forms then its $50 per form regardless of type

  • You can cancel at any time, with the forms charged for the month that they are in. 

  • Fixed amount will be charged each month based on the number of forms and their type

  • Excludes GST

    Lassio always recommends that your form is built as a basic form in the first instance, and then you can elect for this to be modified to be advanced or complex. Prior to going live, this has no additional build cost. This ensures that you don't pay for functionality that you may not need.

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