Lassio for good

Mobile App
Integrates with Microsoft or Google
Deliver online health declarations for your frontline workers
Mental Wellness

QR Codes

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Its an Austrralian designed and built mobile app that will allow you to quickly and seamlessley complete health declarations - alloweing you to detect mental health trends. The lite version is offered for free under the Lassio for Good program.


Here's how it works

1. Apply to use Rhythm Lite and indicate if you use Google or Microsoft (365) for Cloud authentication. If you're not using this then it may still be possible to use the app but it will need to be verified with more technical information.

2. You will be activated for Rhythm Lite and your staff can start collecting health declarions using our mobile app. You will also be issued QR codes for requested locations. You can use these QR codes or the app as needed.

3.  Embedded in the health declaration are "in the moment", single line, easy to answer questions that cover topics like mental wellness, employee engagement etc. The easy to answer and frictionless process creates a realtime picture and trend that authorised people can access from the same appliction.

4. You will receive alerts for health declarations of concern and emails can be generated for all submissions for audit and compliance purposes.