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Interactive and integrated

Forms are the most basic and the most essential of building blocks of digital and business processes - whether its interacting with customers, engaging the public or kicking off internal processes. Most organisations already have some digital forms - but mostly they're forgotten, out of date (because​ business rules have changed) or out of step with regulatory ammendments.  Expectations from employees and customers have also gown making the experience clunky or difficult to find because they're accessed deep within existing systems. Spreadsheets, word or pdf documents are inneficient and prone to error. If you dont get this right it's garbage in, garbage out.

Another challenge is that overworked IT teams are too busy with bigger projects to attend to the long tail of demand for forms, and the small changes that are required to keep them relevant never get done. Lassio will design, create, operate and manage these basic building blocks of digital as a service. Data is encrypted in transmission and can be enctypted at rest or integrated into a multitude of systems. 

How our forms are different

  • Forms are not set and forget - they neet to evolve and change with your business, technology and processes

  • Forms need to be interactive - a step change up from Microsoft and Google forms with the ability to do anything from signatures to sketching within the form. Reveal and hide as the user completes the form to simplify and make it interactive and intutive.

  • Forms can be connected or embedded in our RHYHM products

  • Full service - design, build, test, run, support, optimise & change.

  • Fixed price and Enterprise Models to choose from. everything is included

  • Forms are available as a service - no need to configure Servers, IT systems and buy or operate the skills, technology or know how to support this

  • Forms are delivered using a highly scalable cloud based platform

  • Forms are hosted in a secure grade cloud service in NSW, Australia to ensure that regulatory requirements are met and your data never leaves the country

  • We only use SSL/secure form URL to accept submission, the data transferred from your browser to our server will also be secure. We support high-grade encryption options.

  • PCI DSS Service Provider Level I compliance, the highest security attainment you can have as a business that collects payments from, and integrates with, credit cards if required.

  • SPAM PROTECTION In addition to the Captcha’s that you can use in your forms, we have several options to protect your forms from spammers. For example, you can choose to allow only one submission per IP or computer, or you can disable your form after a specific time or number of submissions

  • Before we create any form we will let you know if its a basic, advanced, complex or custom form; so you always know the costs upfront.

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