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Use cases for HR, Talent and Recruitment

RPA and Automation are very well suitied to these tasks. 

  • Reducing HR onboarding processing costs by helping human staff by handling tedious, repetitive processes and automatically transcribing information from various sources in multiple systems.

  • Increased onboarding processing speed by automatically validating new hire data and entering data into different systems.

  • Reduced error rates in human resources onboarding processes and automatically identifying data discrepancies.

  • Decreased onboarding time. Human resources robots automatically complete data entry for new hire onboarding, gather and move new hire information across various systems, and generate necessary paperwork—rapidly and without human intervention.

  • Increased regulatory compliance by supporting HR to maintains regulatory compliance checks, actions and conduct automated alerts and dashboarding.

  • Posting ads and collecting and consolidating resumes and interview information for recruitment. 

  • Processing new hire returned completed forms and documents.

  • Payroll and general provisioning of new people clerk validated data for inclusion.

  • New-hire notifications to internal and external third parties.

  • Day 1 checks.