AIM (Automation & Integration Mesh)


Most organisations are attracted to business process automation because it removes relative, high volume manual work. This frees people up and allows them to focus on the things that matter most - like solving problems and adding value in ways that are uniquely human eg customer care or solving problems. The difficulty however is that purchasing, configuring, deploying, operating and managing automation for critical processes that need to run day in day out. Often this requires specialist skill sets and the automations need to be monitored and improved over time.


This is fine for massive organisations that have the resources to create and dedicate specialist centres of excellence (COE's) and who can afford to operate them on an ongoing basis - not just for building but for monitoring them. Large, medium and smaller organisations also struggle with single person dependencies and owning and operating yet another technology stack. Hiring people to do this takes away much of the savings gained through automation unless the volumes are extremely high.


Outsourcing processes to lower cost geographies (offshoring) is one option where you can expect to halve the operating costs. But what if you outsourced this to virtual digital workers right here in Australia. We've found that this is about half the cost of offshoring it, with better accuracy and the ability to scale at any time. Throughput is also much higher - providing a better customer experience.


Lassio's approach is to deliver business process automation giving you outcomes as a subscription service. Get all the benefits of automation - without any of the distractions. Lassio will design, deliver, operate and manage automations as a service with full service level agreements (SLA’s).


Choose cloud or on premise

Organisations are moving towards the cloud and employing more and more SaaS solutions, but still retain critical data in on-premises databases and legacy systems. Organisations need a solution to help overcome the challenges of moving to the cloud and keeping the enterprise connected.


Lassio will build and deliver the integration interfaces and run and monitor them for your peace of mind and to the service level you require. This is done though web services, API's (calls between applications and data sources) and even RPA where interfaces are not available (or too costly). Data can be transformed using traditional ETL allowing data to be shared between systems as well as third-party vendors in real-time or as batch processes. Lassio will deliver these services with SLA's on an interface or automation basis


Recent examples of successful projects


Finance Industry

  • Trading reporting reconciliations and consolidation

  • Continuous compliance monitoring

  • Automation and validations for loan processing

  • Loan Approval checks


Care Industry (Health/Aged/Disability sector)

  • HR onboarding automation

  • Data sourcing, consolidation

  • Compliance reporting

  • Supervisory and compliance check-ins for front line workers, team leaders and managers



Processing scanned, PDF and other images for validation and extraction of data is tedious and inefficient at best. Attachments need to be opened, viewed and re-keyed resulting in expensive error prone activities. Workbench uses digital vision and ai to read documents, receipts, statements and contacts and extracts everything from these documents for easy validation or transposing into systems or processes. It can even read handwriting.

Workbench.ai also has an Assisted Automation option or “human in the loop” for exception management and validation if required. This simplifies the management of any edge cases and increases the efficiency and productivity of anyone required to undertake this.

Workbench.ai also has the ability to reduce fraud by detecting duplicates and other “signals of interest”
For example

  • have we seen this document or invoice number before

  • is an object, person or logo in a picture

  • detecting and validating  ABN/ACN numbers and undertaking an external check against the company name

Recent examples of successful projects

  • Invoice submissions and validation with Salesforce integration

  • Trading reporting reconciliations and consolidation

  • Shipping document and sales contract extraction

  • Consolidation for onward shipping

Workbench.ai ( Digital Vision )
Data & API's

Create and Share: Allows organisations to exchange data with external organisations safely and securely, and can be used to create new shared revenue models.

Consume: Consume pre packaged or custom API's that can do everything from verifying addresses, ABN numbers to undertaking Government checks ( eg Working with Children Check ). It also provides a safe and secure way of consuming Digital Vision capabilities.

Accelerate: Complement existing software vendors who are focused on their own platforms to embrace API’s and meet their customers expectations for data locked up in their systems. It will source the data, encrypt it, process it and use a secure API to deliver it.