Rhytmn Employee App
Our employee app allows you to create your own employee experience and brand it with your logo and colour scheme. It utilises your organisations Google or Microsoft 365 identity so everyone who interacts with your app is authenticated. When people join or leave they automatiaclly gain or loose access.

Rhythm Employee App

Use it to surface "hard to find" company forms, communicate with your employees, log safety incidents or springboard to your intranet or other organisational systems. Its packaged in a lite version or activate extended functionality that allows you to measure employee sentiment, complete health declarations or access industry functionality packages. Its your data so integrate it into your core systems using our integration services.

Rythm Lite

Receive content & deliver critical alerts

SPOTLIGHT: Our Spotlight function provides critical information to your people when they need it most. Create content in seconds and link to your intranet or key policies and procedures. Rest assured that your staff have received important information to keep them safe with ‘message acknowledged’ function.

Make it frictionless

SPRINGBOARD: Gives employees quick access to corporate systems and forms. Use Lassio forms, Google, Microsoft or 3rd party systems. Create safety checklists and assessments. Reduce paper and increase compliance.


Extended Functionality

Improve Saftey

Track Mental and Physical wellness of your workforce including working from home, customers, on-site or fixed offices.

Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are happier and more likely to comply with your policies and procedures - leading to increased safety, reduced risk and more satisfied customers.

Rhythm provides real time tracking on critical employee engagement measures. This includes Risk, Ethics, Security & Change trends.

Manage COVID-19
Safety & Compliance

Use QR codes or the App to undertake
Authenticated Health Declarations. Optional Government COVID-19 check in integration also possible to meet compliance obligations.

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Deep Rhythm


AI powered visibility - allowing you to dig  deeper into your data and gain actionable insights

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