How we Automate

Lassio is a product business thats focused on outcomes. When we design, build and operate our family of products we consider three dimensions. Our products must be

  • Viable - they must be cost effective and deliver value rapidly

  • Desirable - they must solve real-world business problems

  • Feasible - they need to be practical and easy to implement 

Selecting technology will always be important, but it is how these technologies are complemented with an appetite for true transformation, robust change methodologies and managed services that makes the greatest difference to our customers.


Automated Workforce

Manage a workforce of virtual software robots that support employees by automating administrative and repetitive tasks. Augmenting a human workforce reduces operating costs and risk at the same time as improving compliance, throughput and accuracy. Employee satisfaction also improves when people are re-assigned to higher value activities. Do all of this as a service and on-demand with innovative operational services for faster deployment and time to value.


Document Automation & AI

Most organisations have to deal with invoices, contracts, claims and purchase orders in .PDF or scanned images. This results in manual, error prone re-keying of data into financial and other systems for processing or verification.  Digital Vision uses AI to ingest these documents and return the contents in excel or machine readable formats. 


It can be configured to automatically load this into target systems without complex and costly integration and our solution is not intrusive and places no demands on IT departments..


With the increasing prevalence of cyber fraud it can also use AI to track and compare banking detail changes on invoices and alert you to variances found. 


Forms Automation

Most organisations have hundreds of forms but have failed to invest in them even through they are the source of much data. As a result these are clunky and often require customers to download, complete, scan and submit documents. Often these need to be re-keyed into operational and financial systems.

Forms as a service provides a cost effective solution for the creation and operation of forms for Government and business. Encryption and secure submission are included as standard. Think of it as digial 1.0