We make technology work for the Care Industry

Custom integrations, automations and apps that connect your existing systems, administrators, care workers and clients.

All as a fully managed service.

Integrations and automations for Operations and IT



We will help you create your own “digital worker” to complete data-driven tasks that can work autonomously or along side your team. Automatically extract, transform, validate, cleanse, send and store the data you want without any manual effort.


Using an API first approach, Lassio will help connect your existing rostering, CRM, billing and HR systems so they all work seamlessly together. Through engaging with several care industry clients Lassio are able to leverage well structured blueprints to help reduce implementation effort and accelerate time to value.

Digital Vision AI

Use artificial intelligence to scan printed and hand-written documents, receipts, statements and contracts, automatically validate the data and enter it into your existing systems. Eliminate low-value repetitive work, increase productivity, reduce errors, manage exceptions and identify suspicious transactions.

Save Time

No more exporting, downloading, copying and pasting, filtering and sorting data. Don't spend hours or days creating and updating spreadsheets.

Complement, Don't Replace

We help maximise the value you get from your core systems — be it compliance reporting, client budget visualisations or just traditional ETL services.

Custom dashboards, reports and analysis for leaders



Get visibility of the data you need to ensure your organisation meets its compliance obligations and make better strategic decisions.


View and analyse care worker performance and engagement data. Access incident reports and get visibility of the incident management process through to resolution.


Lassio can apply artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) to analyse any and all of your data, identify trends, and make predictions and recommendations.

Custom portals on web and mobile


For your clients

Connect aged-care and disability clients with the information they need no matter which systems that data is in. Empower clients to understand and manage their care on demand, on any device via a secure portal.

For administrators

Simplify administration tasks like viewing and approving client expenses via a customised admin portal.

For care workers

Enable care workers to view their rosters, report incidents, check-into sites and initiate HR processes from anywhere using their phones.

Engagement and sentiment analysis


Care worker engagement

Get insights into how your care workers feel about their work environment and your organisation via regular check-ins and sentiment analysis. Make data-driven adjustments that can drive care worker retention.

Client sentiment

Take a frictionless approach to gathering client feedback with sentiment analysis built into client portals.

Lassio AIM© Platform

Lassio AIM

Lassio’s Automation and Integration platform (AIM©) is the foundation for all automation, integration, transformational and digital vision services that Lassio provides to its clients.

The AIM© platform intellectual property (IP) is owned by Lassio and is based 100% in Australia.

AIM© is a multi-instance platform, built for the cloud (although it can also be offered as an on-premises implementation). It is very quick to set up and very flexible, allowing AIM© Pods to be dropped into the environments best suited to our clients.

AIM© is not just an automation platform, but a full managed service offering with SLA driven service models.


Pay for outcomes (not more software)

  • Lassio builds, monitors and runs integrations and automations as a managed service so you can get more out of the systems and tools you’ve already paid for.
  • Skip researching, buying and installing new software. No need to find, hire and pay developers with specialised expertise. Never worry about monitoring or maintaining integrations and automations
  • Get the benefits of data and workflow automation without the stress of running them yourself. Lassio will set up automatic monitoring and if anything breaks an expert will fix it on-demand, minimising interruptions to your organisation.

Collaborative design

  • We don’t ask you some questions, write some code, “throw a solution over the fence” and call it done. Instead, we kick things off with your team collaborating with a workflow designer to map the way work gets done and identify opportunties to optimise and automate it.
  • Before we agree on what we should build, we create a storyboard to visualise a possible solution. Next we create a prototype and test it with the people who will actually use it. We take what we learn, modify our original idea and then agree on what to start integrating, automating and building.
  • We use the latest visual collaboration tools so you can literally see the flow of your systems, data, screens and apps that we are connecting and building. This makes it easier for Operations, IT and Executives to get on and stay on the same page.


Managed Services

The capability of automating business processes within customer environments is becoming more and more mainstream, largely due to

  • the abundant supply of automation and integration (API and RPA) software vendor platforms that have come to market
  • the growth of "low code, no-code" citizen developer teams

Whilst this growth is positive, many organisations do not adequately plan for the ongoing support and maintenance of their automation environments and rely on their existing developer teams or even citizen developers to provide ongoing support for the automations they create. Whilst this model can be adequate for business processes that have a low priority, it will not work well for business critical processes that require constant and reliable performance.

At Lassio we help our customers in offering a complete, end to end managed service for those business critical processes, with features such as

  • dedicated Lassio specialist teams that provide service level agreements (SLAs) which fit into the customers automated business workflow priority
  • subscription based service pricing model that includes all the necessary platform and license costs needed to run the automation process

Professional Services

A constant stream of good technical resources are always difficult to find. Lassio can provide different levels of technical resourcing to help augment your services teams. From day rates to long term contracts across profiles such as:

  • Solution/Enterprise Architects
  • Systems and Data Architects
  • Microsoft Technical Consultants
  • Software Developers
  • RPA engineers
  • Workflow Design and Visual Collaboration specialists
  • Strategy and Design for user onboarding, education and support
  • Business Analysts

Lassio resources are all mentored and coached by our senior partners to ensure technical aptitude and quality delivery in line with the client business priorities.

Case Studies

Aged Care User Portal

Lassio built a user portal in less than a month for a client who provides aged care services in Australia. We were able to access data from a third-party system using Lassio AIM©, perform business logic operations on that data and present the data in a slick user interface.

This solution provides considerable value to our client and our client's customers using a technology blueprint that Lassio can apply in almost any industry.

About us

Lassio was founded by a small group of professionals seeking a better way to digitally transform organisations. It all started with helping people by automating repetitive and tedious work, freeing them up to focus on solving problems, caring for customers and innovating.

Process automation on its own is insufficient in making the needed step change. The work that people do and their organisation's data need to be brought closer together.

For the last few years Lassio has focused on helping customers solve their People and Data challenges, developing some cool services and products in the process, particularly in the Aged Care and Disability Sectors.