"The threat that automation poses for employment depends mostly on whether or not we continue to treat employees like robots" 
Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini.

 "Without data you're just another person with an opinion"
Edwards Demming 

Managed Outcomes 

We deliver the outcomes you need without having to purchase and implement software, train specialist teams then design, build, manage and monitor the solution. Its all about delivery with zero complication

Automation & Integration 

Automate high volume repetitive business processes. Let our digital workers perform pre-defined structured business tasks or processes to give you scalability, peace of mind and lower costs. This allows humans to focus on more productive tasks, while our digital workers  handle the repetitive ones, such as billing, onboarding, auditing, processing claims, reconciliations, verification checks and more. 
Integate your data getting it from anywhere to anywhere. Structured or unstructured - process it with ai, transform it or shape it if required. Use any combination of databases, API's, ETL, email, CSV and use RPA if interfaces are not available for legacy/difficult systems. Lassio will build and deliver the interfaces and run and monitor them for your peace of mind and to the service level you require.

Continuous Compliance 

The burden of compliance and the complexity of all the multitude of systems that manage it in different ways is a headache for many organisations. The continual compliance compiles reports, extracts information from email, directories, various systems, and then consolidates, verifies and sends reports, reminders and alerts if required. Be audit ready 7x24x365

Digital Vision & AI

Its estimated that over 70% of any organisations data is unstructured data. Unstructured data is hard to search and interact with. Our digital vision uses ai to extract and classify data from images, videos and PDF's. It can read handwriting and can use ai to determine the sentiment embedded in the text.
We also offer a broad range of other AI based digital capabilities including sentiment analysis and AI based explicit content sensing.

Data & API's​

Create and Share: Allows organisations to exchange data with external organisations safely and securely, and can be used to create new shared revenue models.

Consume: Consume pre packaged or custom API's that can do everything from verifying addresses, ABN numbers to undertaking Government checks ( eg Working with Children Check ). It also provides a safe and secure way of consuming Digital Vision capabilities.
Accelerate: Complement existing software vendors who are focused on their own platforms to embrace API’s and meet their customers expectations for data locked up in their systems. It will source the data, encrypt it, process it and use a secure API to deliver it.

Software Platforms

Lassio software platforms allow our customers to access pre-packaged capabilities and functionality via  configuration instead of building this functionality DIY or from scratch. All the functionality is secure, cloud based and data resides in Australia to ensure compliance and sovereignty.

Employee App

Our employee app allows you to create your own employee experience and brand it with your logo and colour scheme. It utilises your organisations Google or Microsoft 365 identity so everyone who interacts with your app is authenticated. 

Digital Forms

Every organisation has forms. Most are paper based, some are PDF's and some may even be simple electronic forms using Google or Microsoft Forms. Each of these has different issues that impact customer experience or compliance or employee productivity. 


Skills and services as required. Professional Services for architecture and engineering skills - time & materials, drawdown or fixed term managed services for your platforms eg iPaaS

We also provide consulting on digital strategy, agile or design thinking workshops